Introducing our premium K41 Bar Glass Detergent, the ultimate solution for achieving sparkling clean glassware in your dishwasher. Specially formulated to tackle the unique challenges of bar glassware, this detergent ensures a spotless finish every time, leaving your glasses crystal clear and free from residue.

Designed to cut through tough stains, grease, and lipstick marks commonly found on bar glasses, our detergent guarantees a thorough clean without compromising the delicate surfaces of your glassware. Its advanced formula effectively removes impurities while preventing cloudiness and etching, preserving the clarity and brilliance of your glasses over time.

Our Bar Glass Detergent is not only tough on grime but also gentle on your hands and the environment. Crafted with biodegradable ingredients, it offers a powerful cleaning performance while remaining eco-friendly. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to a more sustainable, yet effective, cleaning solution.



Easy to use, simply add our detergent to your dishwasher’s detergent dispenser and let it work its magic. Whether you’re running a bustling bar or hosting an elegant soirée at home, trust our Bar Glass Detergent to deliver unparalleled results, ensuring your glassware always looks its best.

Elevate your dishwashing experience with the superior cleaning power of our K41 Bar Glass Detergent. Say cheers to immaculate glassware with every wash.

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5 litre, 3 x 5 litre


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